DTD and Schema Development Process

Tony develops bespoke DTDs and schemas.

The development process begins by establishing the client's business and technical requirements, together with any restrictions and constraints. This process involves an initial analysis of representative samples of the documents in question.

The next stage is a detailed document analysis of the documents. This involves understanding the structures and classes of content within the documents, as well as the relationships between them. Where inconsistencies and anomalies are found, these will be discussed with the client and may or may not form part of the final DTD or schema.

After this work, a draft DTD or schema is created. A series of document fragments is marked-up to test that the DTD or schema represents the document class correctly.

If conversion is also required, it is likely that an initial conversion will also be undertaken as a test for the DTD or schema. For details of Tony's conversion services, visit XML Conversion.

When all necessary analysis and test work has been carried out, the DTD or schema will be documented. This will help when implementing the document in other projects, as well as provide ongoing support for users.