Tony Holtham


A specialist with 13 years experience in converting data into XML and out of XML. He is also a well-respected XML and DTD consultant and XML trainer.

He has specialised in automated data conversion for over 13 years. He prides himself on his value-added service and is dedicated to offering practical solutions that work in the real world.

He is a highly experienced project consultant with a track record of delivering projects in the areas of content engineering, data transformation, data cleansing and document analysis. The combination of academic and commercial projects and assignments has provided a unique opportunity to solve commercial problems by using emerging technologies. The synthesis of academic and commercial projects has ensured that that his clients are at the forefront of the technology that can support their business.

Most recently demonstrated that a commercial XML toolset could be used to enrich legacy data before cleansing the data and then migrating it to the next generation enterprise application, which in this case was a product data management system (PDM).

As a mentor has coached and advised software developers on project management and system capability.

As a lecturer has presented to undergraduates and given public seminars and training courses on XML and XML related standards.

As a technologist has hands-on expertise of many languages including XML, HTML, SGML and OmniMark.

After completing his academic studies, worked for the University of Exeter providing support for the undergraduate courses, and set up the first web server in the south west at Exeter University in 1994 before joining a consultancy specialising in data markup and manipulation.

Gained a MSc in New Generation Computing and a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from Exeter University.